Wastewater plant update 5/4/2020

We thank everyone for their contribution both favorable and unfavorable. We have had a week with the new temporary fine screen and the results are very good. We are screening items that were getting into our plant and harming the biological concentrations and also valves.  The plant operators say they see a difference and it will take about three more weeks to clean itself out. The water going into the canal shows much improvement. Due to the large amount of people who are staying in the MUD 12 are, this past week we had our highest days ever in the amount of wastewater ran through our plant. We also replaced a new valve that had become damaged due to the large amount of wastewater that was not screened effectively. This week the second temporary fine screen will be installed and together they will collect the discarded material more effectively. This should be installed midweek. Thank you again for your contributions.                Richard Matthews- MUD 12 President