4/26/2020 Wastewater plant update

As many of you are aware, we had some discoloration of the effluent (water coming out of the plant) in the discharge from our wastewater plant into the canal. When the Board was notified of this, our actions were quick and effective. Two Board members, (Roger and Roy) who are very well versed in plant operations, spent Easter Sunday at the plant helping develop a solution. It was determined that additional screening at the inflow was needed. One Board member is currently working with another Mud on their screens and the other has 25 plus years in construction of similar type plants. Because of existing State laws concerning Quorums (three Board members present), no other Board members were allowed on site. Our new District Engineer and plant contractor located two temporary units in Iowa. After discussion with our District Engineer and Board members Richard and Roy on April 13, the decision was made to get one and bring it into the plant quickly. This was done and it arrived on April 18 and was completely installed by the end of day on April 20.The pipes needed overnight set up and the unit was started on April 21. The results have been better than expected. Disposable wipes and other debris are being removed prior to the wastewater going into the plant which allows the biological work to be preformed inside the wastewater plant much more effectively. A second temporary screen was ordered which will be hopefully installed week of April 26. Our effluent is clearer and the recent TCEQ inspection recorded no issue with this water. We will have some small particles coming out of the effluent pipe for the next two plus weeks while the plant cleans itself out.
Again, PLEASE do not add “flushable wipes” to the sewer system. This wreaks havoc of the biological digestion system and causes the plant to work less effectively to clean our water. Currently we have a schedule for the plant employees to clean the fine screen manually. This is done every three to five hours. When the second screen arrives, this will be required less frequently.
This temporary screen is pictured below. These temporary screens will operate until our ordered screen is available sometime late this year.
Thank you, we will continue to place work at placing updates on our web page.