Update on Canals

Mud 12 Board meeting was held on Monday, September 16, 2019. Two main items discussed were the tax rate and the fine screen for the plant. The tax rate which was proposed at the last meeting was voted on and passed by the Board. The new tax rate lowered the previous rate from .2395 to.2230/$100 assessed value. This is a reduction in the MUD 12 tax rate; your tax is calculated using the appraised value on your property. The appraised value of your property is set by Galveston County Appraisal District, not MUD 12.

We also discussed with the District Engineer the need to increase the size of the discharge pipe on the new Fines Screen to allow for increases which we see  in high flow situations (like the rains last week). This change was acknowledged as a need by the District Engineer and will be redesigned to a larger size at no cost to MUD 12. We are awaiting good weather to have this installed.

We also agreed to remove the clarifier work from the plant project as this would delay the completion another 4 months minimum. The long lead time on clarifier units was the reason. After the Plant project is complete, we will bid this work separately. Our existing clarifiers are working sufficiently and we did not want to delay completion.

We are still hoping for plant completion by the middle of November 2019.

The board acknowledged the long hours that our plant operators have had to put in while the plant is being updated. Special thanks to Randy and Wayne.