Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project Update #10

Wastewater work continues close to schedule. The temporary tanks have been installed and the valves placed to transfer incoming flow into temporary tanks. These tanks are now taking the flow and our aeration tanks are now offline and beginning to be cleaned. Also the base for the new fine screen has been poured. Cleaning and restoring the existing aeration tanks will continue. Our external pumps used to ensure flow levels have been stopped and removed. When our aeration tanks are cleaned and updated with new piping the fine screen will be installed. This will allow flow to be then diverted into the fines screen first before going into aeration tanks. This fine screen which was destroyed during IKE will be our new first line of cleaning. At same time we are beginning to evaluate our clarifiers and decide what is to be reworked and what needs replacing. Thanks for you continued support. Richard Matthews President Mud 12