Bill Alcorn
Position 3 President, Elected: May 2014, Expires: May 2018

Bill Alcorn, resident of Bayou Vista, 1993-1999, 2005 to present, total of 18 years.
  • Manager of an automotive equipment distribution warehouse for 16 years
  • Owned and operated an automotive service center
  • District manager for a major tire distributor
  • Forty plus (40+) years sales and management experience.
  • Honorable discharge US Navy, aviation specialist E-5.
  Bill was appointed to MUD-12 board in 2007 replacing Russel Keesling. He was elected President by members of the MUD 12 Executive Board in 2008. During his tenure, he has been involved in the following improvements to the facilities and to the services delivered by the district:
  • Installation of a well to give MUD 12 a second source of water, as needed.
  • Partial dredging of our water way system.
  • FEMA canal cleanup after Hurricane Ike.
  • Installation of mixing equipment for surface water and well water.
  • Installation of RFID water meters for better accountability.
  • Installation of new control center housing and platform.
  • Installation of new CL2 and LAS mixing equipment.
  • Installation of new SCADA system to monitor condition of plant.
  • Installation of new controls for three lift station.
  • Elevation, above flood level, of controls for water and wastewater.
  • Installation of a waste water recovery system to reduce waste.
Bill Alcorn works with the engineers, accountant, Gulf Coast Water Authority, Brazos River Coalition, vendors, and insurance providers on a daily and ongoing basis. In addition, he monitors the MUD 12 office personnel, interacts with concerned citizens, and represents the MUD on various work sites.

Robert A. (Bob) Bassett
Position 4 Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Elected: May 2012, Expires: May 2020

  Bob and his wife, Kathy have been residents of Bayou Vista since July 2005. He has served as a MUD 12 Board Member since July, 2011.
Work experience: Retired from Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem, PA. as Senior General Foreman with over 35 Years experience in the Fuel and Utilities Department.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and operation of three High Pressure Boilers (300 PSI), eight 150-PSI Boilers, associated equipment including treated water systems and steam generators for power distribution systems 25cy and 60 cy.
  • Responsible for operation and repairs for all steam, water and air lines throughout the 12 mile area of the steel plant including all related pumps and air compressors.
  • Dealt directly with vendors and suppliers in purchasing new operating equipment and spare parts to maintain a safe and continuous, round-the-clock plant operation with an annual budget of over two million dollars.
  • Supervised a staff of 11 supervisors and 78 bargaining unit employees.
  Prior community service: Bob served 21 years on the Hellertown Pennsylvania Zoning Hearing Board. He served in the U.S. Navy for 7 1/2 years. He attained the rank of E-6 Shipfitter First Class Petty Officer.

Marcel Blanchard
Position 1 Vice President, Elected: May 2014, Expires: May 2018

Marcel Blanchard lives in Omega Bay where he has resided since 2008. He was elected to the MUD 12 Board in 2011. Marcel is currently employed at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) as Associate Vice President, Utility Operations.
Summary of Experience: At UTMB (20 yrs.) he is responsible for:
  • District Energy Operations -24,0000 tons of cooling, 300,000 LB/hr. boiler capacity
  • Engineering Department
  • Energy Procurement $30,000,000
  • Campus waste operations – 1500 lb/hr medical waste incinerator and municipal solid waste
  • Sustainability –transportation and recycling 36% of all MSW is recycled at UTMB.
  Prior to his current employment, he had a very similar role for 15 years at the University of Houston as Director of Utility Operation, a district energy system approximately the same size and complexity as UTMB. The difference in the two systems being the UH system included a 15Kv distribution system. Prior to that he served as a nuclear power plant operator in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service.

Education: University of Houston – Bachelor of Science in Technology (BSET) Western Governors University- MBA

Licenses & Certifications: Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP)

Vaun Henry
Position 2 Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Appointed February 2017, Expires May 2018

Vaun Henry spent most of his work life with Rockwell International / Meritor. The first years were in a high production plant. Beyond managing a large work force, Vaun was responsible for annual operating plans, long term forecasts, and detailed work with engineers on both product and procedural plans.

After the initial 11 years Vaun moved on to calling on Rockwell’s major customers as an account manager. This involved calling on all departments. Much of the time was spent with the engineering department where he learned how they plan, forecast, and implement the work for a successful plant operation. Major accounts were Exxon, H.E.B., Shell Oil, Sysco, UPS, some north and south of the U.S. and more. After a total of 32 years Vaun retired

Vaun has been a real estate agent and a home rental business owner the past ten years. This opportunity has enabled him to understand the structure of the neighborhoods. Municipal Utility Districts are in almost all suburban areas around Houston.

Vaun and wife Irene first visited Bayou Vista in 1984 and have been property owners since 1993. Both have volunteered for the community since moving here.

Vaun holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He has worked programs with the SBA {U.S. Small Business Administration}. He produced a major SBP {Strategic Business Plan} for Bosch Corporation.

He served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard flying in helicopters performing search and rescue operations. Hurricane emergency management was practiced annually and once utilized to its fullest during hurricane Camille.

Vaun has a thorough understanding of the forecasting, financing, planning, and implementation of what it takes to get the job done in the most efficient manner.

Carter Tull
Position 5 Director, Appointed March 2017, Expires: May 2020

  In 1995, Boeing Corporation transferred Carter Tull from Seattle to the Gulf Coast area to work on the International Space Station. He moved into Bayou Vista in 1996. “My wife and I have really enjoyed living in this very nice little community for all these years” he stated.
  • Bridgewater State College, MA
  • Pennsylvania State University: B.S. Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Meteorology, graduated in 1973.
  • Additional Graduate courses in Physics (1975)
Military Service: U.S. Navy:
  • Aviation Electrician "A" school,
  • P-3 Flight Engineer
  • Instructor Flight Engineer Schools.
  • Two three year active duty periods beginning in 1965 and 1974.
  • Continuous reserve affiliation from 1978 until retiring (SCPO/E8) in 1994.
Work experiences:
  • The Boeing Company: 20 years working test and verification on the International Space Station. Before that, twelve years in flight test engineering operations as a test director including 20 months in the 777 aircraft Systems Integration Lab. Prior experiences in flight test engineering analysis, flight operations engineering/Master Minimum Equipment List, production changes, and Boeing 757 project engineering.
  • Fischer & Porter Company (water and waste treatment): project engineer, proposal engineer.
  • Military (Navy) Tasks:
  • General aircraft maintenance, mechanical and electrical repairs, maintaining records, supervision of crews, management functions. Aircrew: radar operator on P-2, flight engineer on P-3.
Community involvement:
President and on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Aero Club for several years (~150 members)